Create Project

Clouderizer organises your individual ML/DL models as projects. Projects are created using model files (MOJO or PMML or pickle). It is assumed you have successfully exported your ML/DL model to a model file and have it available with you on your computer.These become first version of models for the project. Once created, these projects can be deployed, scored and monitored. Later, when needed, models inside a project can be updated as well.

To create a project

  1. Goto Showcase Tab

  2. Press New Project

  3. Give project a name and description and press Next

  4. Select the model type that you wish to upload and press Next. Supported model types are MOJO, PMML and Python pickle files.

  5. Drag and Drop the model file from your computer and press Finish

This should trigger start your project creation. Behind scenes, Showcase will upload your model, parse the model to get input / output parameters (only for MOJO and PMML models). Once project gets created, it will offer you to have a look at the detected model input parameters. More information about configuring model input/output parameters can be found here