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Figure 1 - Scoring UI Customization Elements

Showcase offers following customization and branding options for the Scoring UI

Title and Description

Figure 2 - Scoring UI Title & Description

Project title and description can be configured from Showcase project page. Clicking on the Title name allows to modify it. Similarly clicking on the description text, allows us to modify it. Once modified, we can press Save button to commit it.

Figure 3 - Scoring UI Banner Image

Banner image can be updated from Project page -> Settings. We can upload and save the banner image.

Enum Output Images

Figure 4 - Scoring UI Output Icons

Figure 5 - Scoring UI Output Icons

Output on the Scoring UI can be complimented with intuitive icons / images / gifs to offer an impressive presentation. This can be configured from Showcase project page -> Output -> Configure. All output variables of type Enums have an additional button Configure in their row (Fig 4). Pressing configure, gives option to select an image and specify a text (punch line) for each Enum state (Fig 5). Images can be either uploaded or selected from a builtin gallery. Once configured, save the setting.

All the above customization options, once configured, get loaded by Scoring UI on next browser refresh.