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Monitor Notebooks

Clouderizer Showcase offers Invocation History for all Notebook projects


Showcase stores each requests hitting the serverless function in a scalable time series storage. This list is available to us from Invocations. Important columns from this list are

  1. Timestamp - Time of request
  2. Input - # of input parameters for the request
  3. Output - # of output parameters returned for the request
  4. Status - Whether notebook execution complete without any errors. In case of errors, detail of error is shown under details.

View Request Details

Clicking on More details button on individual row from the list, shows the details of input parameters sent for the request and corresponding output generated. All artifacts in http requests (files and fields) are archived in Invocation history. Similarly any output generated by the notebook is also archived here. These files can be downloaded from this view. In addition executed notebook is also avialable for viewing and download from here.