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Monitor Models

Figure 1 - Analytics

Clouderizer Showcase offers an analytics dashboard to monitor deployed model performance and other statistics. This dashboard can be accessed from Analytics button from Showcase project page. Analytics Dashboard offers following


Top of the Analytics dashboard shows statistical charts showing historical trends.

Request Count

This shows rate of requests hitting Showcase project deployment server. This is a good indicator for monitoring request traffic hitting the model server.

Prediction Response Time

This shows trend for average response time taken by the model to make prediction. It is a good indicator for monitoring model compute performance.


This shows trend for positive and negative feedback from users or integrated applications for model prediction. This again is a good indicator to keep a track on model performance and detect any deterioration in model accuracy.

Historical Request List

Showcase stores each requests hitting the model server in a scalable time series storage. This list is available to us from Analytics dashboard. Important columns from this list are

  1. Timestamp - Time of request
  2. Response Time - Time taken for model to make prediction
  3. Feedback - User feedback on the model prediction
  4. Prediction - whether prediction was done successfully or not. In case some error occured in making the prediction, this staus changes to Error.

View Request Details

Figure 2 - View Request Details

Clicking on More details button on individual row from the list, shows the details of input parameters sent for the request and corresponding output scored by the model.

Download CSV

Figure 3 - Download CSV

The historical request list can be downloaded as a CSV using the Download CSV button on the top right corner of the Analytics page. This is very useful to prepare an addendum to the labelled dataset for re-training the model.